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BANYAN TECHNOLOGIES GMBH Improve people's quality of life, through the diffusion of tools capable of promoting the achievement of a stable harmony between mind, body and spirit. Investing in technologies that help the integration of the individual into the universe with respect for nature and all living beings. Visit our website


Born in 2007 from the will of a group of managers who have invested over 25 years in the world Information Technology market, holding Top Management roles in what have or have become among the largest technology companies in the world.

BANYAN has its holding company in Villach, a small Austrian country where some of the most important technology companies in the world are based, and which represents a fundamental HUB for the large companies of Central, Northern Europe and those of Eastern Europe who invest in western markets and from here to the United States and the rest of the world. The headquarters in Villach also and above all gives the opportunity to work in a quiet place, nestled between the mountains and lakes, where technology is integrated with an enchanting and beautiful nature, a source of inspiration for us at Banyan.

These characteristics represent the synthesis of Banyan Technologies, which invests in the future by contributing to culture while respecting nature and well-being, central aspects in the company's strategies and investment choices.

The result of a long investment path and technological scouting, Banyan today employs professionals with international experiences and different training backgrounds but moved by the common interest for a technological innovation primarily subordinated to the service of the person, the protection of his health and the achievement of a harmonious psycho-physical balance. Always in harmony with nature.

Banyan's main activities are the identification, enhancement and diffusion of technologies and tools with a high innovative coefficient, oriented towards the prevention, well-being and health of people, as well as inspired by a modern interpenetration between the holistic conception of the person, typical of the oriental medicine, and the more analytical and technological approach characteristic of western medicine.


Identify, develop and promote cutting-edge applicable technologies, with a preventive and never invasive or harmful approach, to the Health and Wellness, Aesthetics and Beauty sectors. Allow people to do their jobs better by safeguarding and protecting nature.